New Delhi (AP) - The Indian Space Agency claims to have lost communication with their lander "Vikram" shortly before their first scheduled lunar landing.

The contact was extinguished when "Vikram" flew a good two kilometers above the surface of the Earth's satellite, said the chief of the Indian Space Agency Isro, Kailasavadivoo Sivan, on the night of Saturday (local time).

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said to the scientists, "India is proud of you. You have done your best. "At first, the scientists did not say" Vikram "crashed on the lunar surface.

India had tried to become the fourth country to succeed in a controlled landing on Earth's satellite - after the US, the Soviet Union and China. An Israeli probe crashed in the spring on the moon in the spring after a technical error.

Still, part of the $ 142 million ($ 125 million) expensive unmanned Indian "Chandrayaan-2" mission was successful, according to the scientists. The orbiter is now flying around the moon and delivering pictures. «Chandrayaan» in Sanskrit means «moon vehicle». The aim was also to map the surface of the South Pole region, to analyze the soil and to seek water.

For India, it is the second mission to the moon. The first lunar probe "Chandrayaan-1" was launched in 2008 and had orbited the moon without landing on it.

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