A fifteen-year-old cyclist suffered a serious head injury in Helmond on Friday evening due to a collision with a motorist, who subsequently left. The boy was admitted to hospital intensive care, but has since left that department. According to the police, he is a little better.

Earlier on Saturday, the police called on the public to look for a small passenger car, blue in color and probably the Citroën or Peugeot brand. The car should be considerably damaged at the front.

An attentive neighborhood resident then alerted the police to a blue, damaged Citroën Saxo parked in the Brouwhuis neighborhood. The car has been towed and is being examined for traces.

The police are urging the driver of the car to report.

The accident happened on Deurneseweg where the boy was scooped at a crossing by the car. A passing motorist provided first aid, but left before the emergency services arrived.