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Amazon's record forest fires joint fire fighting leaders from seven countries | NHK News


An urgent international conference is held in Colombia, South America, where leaders from the seven countries with the Amazon rainforest hit by a massive forest fire gather ...

Amazon's record forest fires joint fire fighting 7 leaders September 7 10:34

An urgent international conference was held in Colombia, South America, where leaders from the seven countries involved in the Amazon rainforest hit by a large-scale forest fire were gathered. I decided to go.

Leaders from seven countries with the Amazon rainforest attended the international conference held in Colombia, South America.

First, leaders of each country exchanged opinions with natives living in the Amazon of Colombia, followed by discussions on how to protect Amazon, and information on the fires that spread across borders to prevent forest fires. We decided to jointly tackle fire extinguishing activities near the border by creating a shared framework.

On the other hand, at the conference, there was a scene in which President Borsonaro, who participated in the videophone, criticized the French President Macron's remarks seeking to respond to a forest fire in the name of global warming countermeasures as an intervention for domestic problems. .

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with COP25, a global warming countermeasure meeting held in Chile in December this year.

Record forest fires in the Amazon

According to the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, forest fires are growing at a record pace in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, and the number of outbreaks last month is approximately three times that of the same month of the previous year.

In fact, the number of forest fires that occurred in the eight months from January to last month was 90,000, nearly twice that of the same period last year.

For this reason, the Brazilian government to 2 position-thirds of the Amazon, we are fire-fighting activities, such as by dispatching troops to the Amazon, but the prospect of fire suppression is not standing, so far, the Amazon in Brazil Only 44,000 square kilometers, which is larger than the entire area of ​​Kyushu in Japan, is thought to have been lost.

Amazon's forest fires have spread across borders, and even in Bolivia, the fire is approaching the airport of Santa Cruz, the largest city, and the government has declared a state of emergency, as well as in Venezuela where political unrest continues. More than 30,000 forest fires have occurred since Brazil.

For this reason, the impact has spread in various countries, including the indigenous people living in the Amazon, who have been displaced.

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