Shortly after half past twelve, a person came to his summer trail near Lake Limmern, south of Linköping. When he opened the door, two people jumped out of a window and ran from the scene. Police were alerted and several patrols went to the scene.

A short hour later, one of the patrols encountered a car that kept a very high speed on County Road 610. The car also made several dangerous detours. The police turned and followed, but lost the car.

Another half hour later another police patrol ended up behind the suspect car. That patrol managed to get a stop on the road near Vikingstad and checked the men who got in the car.

The two men were arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. A report of burglary has been made, but what the suspects may have stolen is not yet known.

A crime scene investigation was done in the summer cottage and there should be another cottage nearby that was affected by burglary.