In the newly built house Teacher is rent 6200 SEK a month for one of 27 square meters. According to SFS, a reasonable rent is 35 per cent of the study material, which means a rent of SEK 3800.

- It will be difficult for many students to live in these apartments. It is required that you have money before, close relatives who can help or work alongside, but it can affect the studies, says Matilda Strömberg, chair of SFS.

"There is the opportunity to work"

Rene Jaramillo (M), chairman of Växjö Housing says that they have done everything to squeeze the rents when they built the house and believe that they are at the same level as in, for example, Linköping and Lund.

Rene Jaramillo (M), chairman of Växjö housing

- There are parts in the system that can help students pay the rent. There is the opportunity to work. The amount of money one can earn as a student has been increased. There is also the possibility of receiving housing grants, he says.

Few students apply for housing allowance

At SFS they do not think that you have to work side by side to meet their costs. Even if you study full time, you should be able to focus on the studies. The SFS housing report also shows that only five percent of the students applied for housing grants.

- Students have replied that they do not want to risk being liable for repayment, since they are counted on full year. Some thought it was too difficult to search. Our report shows that the rules on housing subsidies do not work, so changing them could help students living in newly built apartments, says Matilda Strömberg, president of SFS.