Seventeen non-governmental organizations have urged France to immediately stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, especially after a new UN report on the tragic situation in Yemen.

Humanitarian and human rights organizations said they "reiterate their call on the basis of two important events this week."

"More than 100 detainees were killed Sunday in an airstrike" in western Dhamar, the statement said. Stop feeding the conflict with weapons. "

The group of experts, set up by the UN Human Rights Council in 2017, confirmed in its report that "numerous war crimes" have occurred since 2014 in Yemen.

UN experts also called on the international community to refrain from providing weapons that could be used in the conflict.

London last June suspended the sale of weapons that could be used in Yemen to Saudi Arabia after an appeals court ruled that the action would be illegal.

The organizations called on France to follow the example of Britain in stopping the sale of arms to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.