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If a bone gets stuck in the throat | NHK News


I used to eat a lot of rice with my grandma in the past, but it was quite common that I thought it was common sense.

September 6th 18:41 if a bone is stuck in the throat

I thought it was natural.
So I grew up and became an adult.
I also told young children.

"If a fish bone gets stuck in your throat, you can swallow a lot of rice."

But it wasn't. (Network reporters Ayano Noda, Shinichiro Kuninaka)

Do you swallow rice?

What do you do when the fish bone gets stuck in your throat?

There is a voice like this on the Internet in response to “swallowing a lot of rice”.

"I did it when the dried bone of a horse mackerel stuck in my throat. Of course, I couldn't remove my bones. I was out. ''

I asked a specialist

But I've been told for a long time, "You can swallow a lot of rice."

How is it actually?

I spoke with Dr. Shinji Sumida, who runs an otolaryngology clinic in Hiroshima City.

“It doesn't make any sense to swallow rice when a bone is pierced in the throat.

According to Dr. Sumida, trying to forcibly swallow rice, etc. may cause the bones to pierce deeper. What I thought was good was that it had an adverse effect ...

Then what should I do ...

There are three points.

"Otorhinolaryngology" to visit

It is desirable to visit the “Otolaryngology Department” specializing in throat, ears, and nose.

According to Dr. Sumida, other medical departments such as internal medicine, surgery, and pediatrics may not be able to respond due to reasons such as “no special equipment”.

Do not try to take it yourself!

“It ’s like a fish bone and a hospital…”
Some people may say, "I'll take my own chopsticks!"

However, there was a risk of damaging the surrounding mucous membranes by piercing chopsticks and fingers into the back of the mouth, so it was better to avoid them.

“If the stabbed position is shallow, the fish bones are clearly visible, and the condition that another person, such as a family member, picks up, the usual practice is to have a doctor from an otolaryngologist treat. I recommend it ”(Dr. Sumida)

In the first place, fish bones often stick around the base of the tongue in the case of adults, and in the vicinity of the abdominal gland in the case of children.

When the “Thai” bone is pierced, hurry to the hospital!

The fish that Dr. Sumida points out that needs special attention is "Thailand".

It is a delicious fish that is grilled and boiled with salt, but it is characterized by its thick and hard bones compared to other fish. And in the worst case, when such a bone pierces the throat or esophagus, the bone passes through the inside of the body and damages the heart and thick blood vessels.

“Think about urgently visiting an emergency room” (Dr. Sumida)

He also wants to consider going to an emergency room even if the pain is severe. It seems better not to think lightly, "about a fish bone ...".

On the other hand, it was not necessary to rush to see fish with small bones such as horse mackerel, saury and eel, and we wanted them to be treated early in the hospital according to the general medical hours. If you have a bone stuck in your throat at dinner, you can go to the hospital the next morning.

Also, it seems that just because the “bad feeling” stuck in the throat has disappeared, the bones are not completely removed.

If you stab it all the way deeply, you may not feel any discomfort or pain, so even if you think the symptoms have subsided, it is better to check if there are any foreign objects left.

What should I do for children?

Until now, I had said to my children that they should drink their rice without any doubt. I was worried and asked a pediatric doctor.

The answer was Noriyuki Wada, Director of Wada Children's Clinic in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.

"I don't know for some time, but I'll say it from a long time ago. I also told you to swallow large chunks of rice and so on when a child with a fish bone stings came. `` I often stick together while I eat, and naturally get boned. ''

However, if you continue to experience pain or fever, you are always instructing an otolaryngologist.

“If a child has swallowed a bone, a parent may bring it to pediatrics. If you look inside the throat and you can see the bone, we may take it, If the bones are not visible in the back, refer to the otolaryngology department because there is no equipment necessary for the treatment in the pediatrics. Sometimes. "

Are there any special cautions for children?

“Be careful when eating something with bones. If it gets worse, it will be difficult to remove the bones. If you feel uncomfortable, it is important to see the otolaryngologist as soon as possible.”

I also asked the academic society

How many bones have been stuck in the throat, how many years in the country?

I thought so, and asked the Japan Society of Otolaryngology, but the answer was “The number of cases is unknown”.

However, in general otolaryngology departments at general hospitals, there are several patients per month who are seen as having fish bones in their throat, and they are undergoing removal procedures.

There are a wide range of age groups, from children to the elderly, and a wide range of reported fish types including eel, Thailand, saury and mackerel.

The Japan Otolaryngology Society said, “Drinking drinks such as rice is not recommended because of the risk of bone piercing deeper. If you cannot expel bones, please see a medical institution immediately.” It is said.

No matter how careful you are, fish bones can get stuck in your throat. "Appetite fall" is coming soon. Why don't you think about it for a delicious and enjoyable fish experience?

Source: nhk

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