The Gelderland District Court is going to destroy eighty nature permits, which were granted on the basis of the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS). The court announced this on Friday. The permits were mainly for livestock farms.

Environmental organizations in particular demanded that the permits be withdrawn. The Council of State (RvS) ruled in May of this year that the PAS cannot be used to grant permits, so that the court has now made the decision to annul it.

In May of this year, the RvS drew a line through the Nitrogen Approach Program. Based on the PAS, governments were able to give permission for projects in the vicinity of so-called Natura 2000 areas, despite the fact that these projects could entail nitrogen emissions.

With the PAS, the harmful effects on nature did not have to be compensated immediately. The RvS decided in May that the PAS was contrary to European legislation.

With the decision of the court, the province of Gelderland must review the activities of the farmers concerned and see whether they can still obtain a permit without the PAS.

Nitrogen judgment has consequences for eighteen thousand projects

The nitrogen ruling has consequences for eighteen thousand projects in the Netherlands, the NRC reported on Friday. First, thousands of projects were taken into account.

Minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture) wanted to inform the House of Representatives about the nitrogen problem, but according to the NRC that would be postponed until at least the end of next week. The ministry would wait for a new method to calculate the emission limits.

The maximum speed on motorways around the Veluwe is also going down due to the nitrogen ruling and the increase in the maximum speed on the A2 cannot continue for the time being. The planned widening of the Utrecht ring road has also been stopped.

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