At least 9 toilets have been poisoned at the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Majadahonda after eating a paste in poor condition, according to hospital sources.

Workers report that the number of affected could be higher and reach 31 doctors and nurses of the hospital. According to his story, the events happened last Monday, at noon, when 20 hospital workers were poisoned in the staff's dining room after ingesting a carbonara paste.

The situation was repeated, the next day, when 11 other doctors on duty dined the same pasta that had been served the day before. The staff suffered diarrhea and vomiting, although it was not a serious poisoning.

Employees have already protested several times because Cafestore, the hospital's concessionaire, reduces costs every year , making food quality worse over time. “It is outrageous that the contaminated pasta was served again the next day. This has already happened more times and will happen again because, often, they reuse the food and there are no controls that guarantee a minimum of quality. We complain, but they don't listen to us, ”one of the doctors laments.

Sources at Puerta de Hierro Hospital explain that they are investigating nine possible cases of food poisoning, but clarify that they were all mild , with gastroenteritis, but without fever.

According to a spokeswoman, there have been nine people who have reported their situation to the Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the medical center, which, in turn, is conducting an epidemiological survey to find the source of the outbreak. In addition, what happened to the Hospital Public Health Service, which will investigate the case, has been notified.

Last August, "an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis" was also registered among the workers at La Princesa Hospital, which could have its origin in the staff cafeteria.

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