Two-thirds of the pro-Deo lawyers are threatened to stop because the fees for their work are too low and Minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection, see photo) wants to take over the subsidized legal aid, the study shows "The state of social advocacy", that the political party implemented SP and publishes on Friday.

Dekker wants to curb the rising costs of legal aid and to see whether cases can be resolved without the intervention of a judge. The government believes that people are now going to court too quickly. In the past 17 years, the number of cases involving subsidized lawyers has increased by 42 percent.

The SP sent a questionnaire to the more than seven thousand people who work in social law and received a response from more than 1200 lawyers. 98 percent are concerned about Dekker's plans and 94 percent are afraid that the plans will lead to a further division between the poorer and richer people.

68 percent consider quitting their job and more than 82 percent think the allowances should be increased. The Van der Meer committee, which was commissioned by the government to investigate legal aid, already advised this in 2017.

The survey participants were also asked to give the minister a mark. Only 5 percent gave Dekker a score of 6 or higher, the average figure was 2.8.

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