As if his troubles with the majority, the Brexit and the elections are not enough, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to face the humiliating defection of his brother, pro-EU, like the rest of the highly diverse family.

"Even you, Joe," the British tabloid wrote the day after Johnson's younger brother resigned, referring to a statement by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar when he discovered Brutus' betrayal.

Joe Johnson chose to “tear apart family loyalty and national interest,” clearly the second part.

The conservative Daily Mail writes that he was unable to accept Boris' hard line on Brexit and left the government, putting his control of power on a severe test and causing an existential tragedy for the Johnson family.

This "tragedy" is not actually the first in this family, which has become accustomed to fratricidal rivalries and sharp differences over Brexit.

Johnson's family is not the only family torn apart by Brexit, but what distinguishes her is that she is a strong figure. It captures the British in a country that loves family series.

First there is Father Stanley Johnson, 79. A former Conservative writer and politician, his biography shows that he was a firm believer in European unity. He was one of the first British employees of the European Commission and a member of the European Parliament.

He suddenly changed his mind about Brexit from 2016 shows to 2017 supporter.

Stanley Johnson, who resembles his son Boris in his behavior, appeared in a reality television and adventure series called "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" (A A Celebrity Get Me Out of Hair).

Charlotte Fossett, 77, is a painter. The divorce between the couple occurred in 1977 and she married an American university professor before becoming a widow in 1996. In pictures of the family surrounded by her husband and four children, she appears tired.

Then comes Rachel, a 53-year-old veteran journalist who was a former reality TV star. She is blonde and enjoys the same energy. It does not hide its support for staying in the European Union.

"I think we are stronger within the European Union and the EU is stronger in our presence," she told AFP in the southwestern city of Bath in May.

"I don't want my grandchildren to ask me what I did when Nigel Farrag (European anti-EU MP and Brexit leader) came to the presidency?"

She ran for European elections and was defeated.

Her three siblings are Alexander Boris de Pfeifel Johnson, nicknamed Pogo, 55, who wanted to become the "king of the world" but became prime minister.

The second is Liu, 51, a conservative. Presenter of radio programs and expert in technological innovations. Liu escaped politics, not blond hair and did not belong to the Conservative Party.

Finally, the younger brothers Joe, 47, who assassinated his brother politically in what looked like an exceptional theater show.

Under a picture of Princess Harry's younger daughter, Prince Harry and his wife, Kate, smiling near her brother George on the first day of the school year on Thursday, the popular Sun newspaper wrote: "At least someone is understanding with his brother."