US Wall construction cost for the Mexican border Approximately 43.0 billion yen diverted from US military base in Japan September 5 10:25

About the defense budget diverted to the construction of the wall along the border with Mexico, which the US President Trump has promised, the Department of Defense has also converted Japanese yen such as construction costs for hangars from US military bases in Tokyo and Okinawa. It has been revealed that approximately 43 billion yen will be diverted.

The US Department of Defense has decided to divert the US $ 3.6 billion defense budget to over 380 billion yen for the construction of walls along the border with Mexico. The breakdown of was announced.

Among them, it was made clear that five US dollar bases in Japan would divert approximately $ 400 million, or approximately ¥ 43 billion in Japanese yen.

Specifically, from the Yokota base in Tokyo, it costs about 12.6 billion yen, including the construction cost of the hangar for the transport aircraft and the maintenance facility for the aircraft. From the Kadena base in Okinawa, the construction cost for the aircraft hangar for the special forces Approximately 9.4 billion yen, from the Iwakuni base in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the total cost of refueling facilities is 6.8 billion yen.

President Trump aims to re-election in the presidential election next year and intends to push the construction of the biggest commitment wall, but the opposition party and the Democratic Party are using the military to advance their political agendas Criticism is growing, and the conflict between the two is intensifying.