On its website, Upplands-Bro Municipality assumes that some employees have been suspended from service and reported to police for irregularities against LOU.

- An investigation highlighted irregularities and on the part of the municipality we chose to act immediately. We really regret what happened, which risks damaging trust and confidence, ”says Ida Texell, deputy director of Upplands-Bro Municipality, in a press release.

The municipality's communications manager Sara Eklind cannot answer what the people have worked with within the municipality.

- I don't know, but there are three employees.

None of the persons are politicians, but they are employed by Upplands-Bro municipality as officials, says Sara Eklind. All of them are now both suspended and police reports.

How many sums have these procurements dealt with in about?

- I can't answer that because I haven't been involved in the screening.

Nor does the municipality want to respond to how long the irregularities have been going on or when they were discovered.