The cameras captured British Conservative Party leader Ian Duncan Smith, putting his finger in his nose, and then putting that finger in his mouth, sitting in the back seats of the British Parliament.

This image spread fancifully on social media, which called Duncan "disgusting" because he acted in such a disgusting way. He was doing this as the Conservative rebels tried to confront the party's leadership and vote for control last Tuesday night.

The comments spread very quickly on this image that made some mock the man, while others expressed their disgust at what Duncan was doing. “Duncan Smith seems to be working for the good of the homeland again,” said Duncan, a Twitter commentator. “Maybe there will be a food shortage after the Brexit, so it shows us how "We have to adapt to this new situation, when we don't find anything to eat in our homes."

Another Twitter tweet said that it was an absolutely disgusting and disgusting view, and there could be no justification for such behavior. The lack of food we can face after the Brexit.

In fact, there has been a lot of commentary on the man's image broadcast on television from the British Parliament. But he has not yet commented on that.

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The picture is «disgusting»,

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