The conservative ÖVP sees itself in the election campaign in Austria as a victim of a large-scale hacker attack. In recent weeks, a large amount of data has been withdrawn from the party headquarters, party leader Sebastian Kurz, Secretary General Karl Nehammer and the cyber security expert Avi Kravitz said in a press conference, according to the ORF.

"There was a very targeted hacking attack on the People's Party servers with the aim of stealing, placing, manipulating and distorting data - not just an attack on the People's Party but also an attack on the democratic system," he said Short. According to ORF, the ÖVP has now informed the protection of the constitution.

According to Kravitz, large amounts of data were transferred to a foreign server in August. The target was spied for a long time. The hacker (s) would have gained access to the infrastructure of the ÖVP and have a kind of "golden key". Thus it was theoretically also possible to manipulate data.

Internal documents published

In the past few weeks, internal documents from the party headquarters had been published in the media twice. First, a list of party donations had been sent to the standard by an anonymous sender. The ÖVP came before the publication by the daily by publishing the donor data itself.

Recently, the magazine "Falter" reported on the basis of internal data of the ÖVP about possible irregularities in the campaign costs of the party. The ÖVP had denied the presentation and wants to take legal action against the magazine.Datenlecks were previously considered unusual for the party.

"So the goal is to connect true and false and to harm us in the election," said Kurz about the activities of the as yet unknown perpetrators. It can not be ruled out that a foreign intelligence service is behind the attack, it said.

The Austrians elect a new parliament on 29th September. The ÖVP-FPÖ government was shattered in May by the scandal surrounding the Ibiza video.