• League-Russia: at the Savoy Review, defense wants to "dismantle" audio Metropol
  • Lega funds, Savoini defense: unusable Metropol audio hotel. Pm: legitimate source of proof


05 September 2019From the analysis of the two telephones seized from Gianluca Savoini (one of which was recently purchased) and from the examination of the telephone records there would be no contacts, either via chat or by e-mail or telephone, between the president of the LombardiaRussia association and the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini. This is what is learned in judicial circles.

Instead, preparatory contacts for the meeting of the Metropol Hotel in Moscow would have emerged, at least from the summer of last year, between Savoini, the other 2 Italians involved and people linked to the Russian interlocutors at the table.

"Audio unusable"
The defense of Gianluca Savoini, the Northern League investigated for international corruption, today before the Court of Review, which reserved the right to decide on the instance against the seizures of the former Salvini spokesman last July, supported the uselessness of the audio of the meeting at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow in support of the search and seizure decree. On the contrary for the prosecutors in Milan, who are investigating for international corruption, the registration is a news of crime and on the basis of this search and seizures are legitimate.

Pm Milano: Metropol audio source of proof, legitimate seizure
The audio of the conversation intercepted at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow on October 18 last represents a "source of evidence" in the Milan investigation into alleged Russian funds to the League. Therefore the seizure of mobile phones, computers and computer equipment carried out at the end of July against the three suspects is "legitimate". This is what the public prosecutors in Milan, Sergio Spadaro and Gaetano Ruta, argued before the judges of the Review Court who will have to rule on the request for a release from seizure by Gianluca Savoini's defense. From what has been learned, the prosecutor has not yet returned the two mobile phones seized from Savoini because the technical consultants of the prosecutors, who have already extracted a forensic copy of all the files contained in the smartphones, have not yet managed to extrapolate a chat that could contain useful information for the investigation. The magistrates holding the file aim to carry out the "opening" operations of the mobile phone during an adversarial procedure in the presence of the parts still to be fixed.

The Review reserves the right to decide on the seizures
The Milan Review Court reserved the right to request Gianluca Savoini's defense to obtain the release from seizure of computers and mobile phones acquired during the searches taken last July by order of the prosecutor. The hearing lasted about half an hour.