North Korea Deputy Prime Minister confirmed cooperation with Russia or strengthened friendship? September 5 at 15:34

North Korea ’s deputy prime minister, Li Ryongnam, met with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tortnev at the Eastern Economic Forum in the Russian Far East. This seems to have confirmed the strengthening of cooperation and friendship in the issues surrounding North Korea, such as denuclearization, which were agreed at the summit meeting between the two countries in April.

North Korean deputy prime minister Li Ryongnam, who is visiting Vladivostok in time for the Eastern Economic Forum hosted by the Russian government, met with Russian Secretary Vice Chancellor Tortnev and Kozlov's Far East and Arctic Development Ministers one after another .

At the meeting, in April, the leader of the Korean Labor Party, Kim Jong-un, confirmed that the North Korea and other issues surrounding North Korea, such as denuclearization, were strengthened. It seems to be a thing.

In addition, while many North Korean workers are said to be working in the Russian Far East, UN sanctions resolutions stipulate that all North Korean workers should be repatriated by December in principle. There is a possibility that we have exchanged opinions.

After meeting, Vice Premier Li said to the NHK and other questions, “The Eastern Economic Forum discussed the opportunity to lead to the economic development of Russia and the peace and prosperity of the Northeast Asian region.”

On the other hand, he expressed dissatisfaction with South Korea, saying, “We should not implement what is stated in the joint declaration of the north and south.”