Proposal to hold examination during closing of opposition party Necessary to discuss reduction tax rate, etc. September 5 16:10

The Liberal Democratic Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party's chairman of the National Assembly countermeasures have met, and the Constitutional Democratic Party proposes to hold a closing examination such as the House of Representatives Finance and Finance Committee as it is necessary to discuss the reduced tax rate accompanying the consumption tax rate increase next month. It was.

The government and the ruling party are coordinating to convene an extraordinary parliament in the fall of early next month, but on the afternoon of the 5th, the Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Moriyama National Assembly and the Constitutional Democratic Party Chairman Kusunoki Diet did.

Among them, Mr. Kashimoto said that it is necessary to discuss the response to the reduced tax rate accompanying the increase in the consumption tax rate next month and the result of “fiscal verification” that shows the future level of public pension benefits. Asked to hold a review during the closing of the Finance and Finance Committee and the MHLW Committee.

In response to this, Mr. Moriyama said, “I want you to have a discussion with the first director of the ruling and opposition parties.”

On the other hand, a member of the House of Representatives Maruyama Hotaka, who protects the public from NHK, wrote on Twitter that Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture must be recaptured. We decided to consider the response among the directors.

After the meeting, Mr. Kakimoto told reporters that "the debate in the Diet is necessary to respond to the public's concerns about the introduction of the reduced tax rate."

Mr. Kunimori Moriyama, Chairman “Consulting with a Political Schedule”

After the meeting, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Moriyama, told reporters about the review during the closing session. “It is important to discuss the political schedule such as the remodeling of the cabinet with the top directors of the ruling and opposition parties. I think that there is a certain debate there because we are enthusiastically listening to the ministries. "

Regarding the response to Congressman Maruyama, “It is not a remark within the Diet, so we must respond carefully, but there seems to be a remark that Takeshima is not interpreted as a Japanese territory. Must be closely scrutinized. "