The mayor of London, Siddique Khan, sharply criticized US President Donald Trump for playing golf, although he is supposed to care and watch Hurricane Durian. "Certainly the man is quite busy dealing with Hurricane Durian on the golf course," Khan told reporters in an interview on Sunday at Politecon.

The two men have clashed with each other since 2016, when Trump floated the idea of ​​banning Muslims from entering the United States. Khan described the US president as a "global poster of white intolerance," in an article published in The Observer. But Trump called him "cold as a stone, and a failure."

Trump canceled his last-minute trip to Poland last Thursday to oversee Hurricane Durian, he said. But he spent many hours at one of his golf courses, on Saturday, and then on Monday.

When the president left the White House on Friday for the May Day holiday, he began to decide to stay at the Camp David resort throughout the hurricane. But he was photographed flying by helicopter from the presidential retreat in Maryland to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. The president arrived in Virginia on Monday morning and left in the afternoon, journalists said.

The White House was silent on the president's whereabouts and how he would use his time over the weekend. White House press secretary Stephanie Gresham confirmed during that time that Trump was receiving news of Hurricane Dorian "hour by hour."

But when the president's motorcade came out of the golf club, protesters on the street began singing slogans such as “The president must be isolated. Trump imprisoned, stop Trump. '' Trump's critics have said he may be worried about the hurricane because he is approaching Florida because it threatens his Mar Lago resort. He reiterated to the Federal Emergency Agency officials on Sunday to inform him about the way through Florida, to confirm where his resort is.

In fact, Trump did not cancel his trip to Poland because of the hurricane, but because Poland's President Andrzej Duda criticized world leaders for leniency with Russian President Vladimir Putin, after he attacked Ukraine and Georgia, but when Trump was at the G7 summit, they all fought against them. Order to return Russia to the group, and Putin's return to it.

But Trump responded to Khan, telling him that it would be better to take care of your affairs, and let us do the work you know nothing about. Trump criticized Khan for failing to "ensure security in the city of London, where knife-stabbing has become so widespread that many are too scared to leave their homes."

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