Japan-Russia summit meeting ends exchange of opinions on joint economic activities in the northern four islands, or September 5 14:41

The Japan-Russia summit meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President Putin in the Russian Far East ended before 2 pm on the 5th. Prime Minister Abe stated at the beginning that he wanted to discuss the future of peace treaty negotiations, including the Northern Territories issue. .

The Japan-Russia summit between Prime Minister Abe and President Putin started at 0:30 pm Japan time in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East and ended before 2 pm.

At the beginning of the talk, President Putin said, “Bilateral relations are developing in a stable and dynamic manner and we want to discuss not only the current situation, but also future steps.”

On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe said, “In the two months since the June meeting, it was evaluated that the agreed items have been steadily realized, such as a three-year grave visit by former islanders in the northern territory. Responded. "

“Today, I would like to exchange opinions on the issues of the Japan-Russia peace treaty, bilateral relations, and international issues and discuss them for the future.”

At the meeting, it seems that opinions were exchanged over the negotiations on the peace treaty, including the Northern Territories issue, and joint economic activities in the northern islands.

The two leaders will then make a speech at the general meeting of the International Economic Forum, and Prime Minister Abe will call on President Putin to conclude the peace treaty early.

Armament reinforcement in the northern territories and the Kuril Islands

When it comes to the northern territory, the Russian side is in the middle and showing a strong attitude.

In February, a Russian company opened an optical fiber line with a total length of approximately 815 kilometers that connects Sakhalin with the three islands of the northern territory of Sebetsu Island, Kunigo Island, and Shikotan Island.

High-level government officials such as President Putin, Special Representative Ivanov, and Minister of Communication Noskov attended the commemorative ceremony held on Shikotan Island.

Also, in March, the Russian army conducted military exercises involving approximately 500 soldiers at the exercise grounds on the northern territory of the islands of Etorofu and Kunigo Island, and repeatedly repeated rocket launch exercises in the surrounding waters. , Russia continues to strengthen its armaments in the northern territory and the Kuril Islands, which are positioned as military points.

In addition, on the 2nd of last month, Prime Minister Medvedev visited the island of Etorofu for the first time in four years together with Ministers such as Deputy Prime Minister Tortonev who is in charge of development in the Far East.

On Etorofu Island, after inspecting the school construction site, which is part of the development plan of the Russian government, he stressed that the islands were Russian territory and struck the Japanese side.