The air defenses of the Arab Coalition intercepted a drone and a ballistic missile fired by the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia towards Najran in southern Saudi Arabia, while the Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab Coalition continued their advance in Hajjah and Sa'ada fronts amid continued violations and violations by militia elements in fronts West Coast of Yemen.

In detail, the air defenses of the Arab Coalition intercepted and destroyed a drone aircraft and a ballistic missile fired by Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia towards Najran in the south of the kingdom.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki said in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the coalition forces were able to intercept and shoot down a drone fired by Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias towards civilian objects in Khamis Mushayt.

Al-Maliki explained that attempts by Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias to launch drones are doomed to failure, and the coalition is taking all operational measures and the best means to deal with these aircraft to protect civilians and civilian objects.

Al-Maliki stressed the continued leadership of the joint Yemeni forces of the coalition in the implementation of deterrent measures against these terrorist militias to neutralize and destroy these capabilities and strictly, in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules.

The Alliance for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen has indicated that Houthi militias fired a ballistic missile from Saada and landed inside the province.

The spokesman for the coalition forces, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that «the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia fired a ballistic missile from Saada governorate on Wednesday using Saharan civil objects to the launch site and landed after launching it inside Yemeni territory in Saada governorate. .

Al-Maliki explained that the Houthi militias continue to violate international humanitarian law and its customary rules by firing and indiscriminately launching ballistic missiles on civilians and civilian objects, and their direct impact on population centers and threatening the lives of hundreds of civilians inside Yemen.

He stressed that the leadership of the joint Yemeni forces of the coalition continues to take strict and deterrent measures to neutralize and destroy these ballistic capabilities to protect civilians inside Yemen, and to protect regional and international security.

Meanwhile, Yemeni army forces, supported by the coalition, continued their advance towards the border town of Haradh with Saudi Arabia, and managed to enter the southern neighborhoods of the city after exchanging shelling with militia elements stationed among the civilian population, and managed to capture a number of these elements, mostly children. .

In a series of raids, Arab Coalition fighter jets bombed Houthi militia positions and movements in several areas of Hajjah governorate, including locations in Mustaba district, killing and injuring a number of Houthi elements and destroying their vehicles.

Coalition fighter jets also launched nine raids on Houthi gatherings in the Haradh district, which led to the dispersal of their members after the destruction of their vehicles and fortifications in the vicinity of the city of Haradh, allowing the army to advance towards the southern and eastern outskirts of the city.

In addition, the army managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by the militias in the direction of their strategic triangle, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of the Houthis.

In al-Hudaydah, Houthi militias bombed the positions of the Yemeni joint forces stationed in the Al-Faza area of ​​Al-Tahita district south of Hodeidah with heavy and medium weapons, including mortars.

According to field sources, the targeting of joint Yemeni forces with PICA, sniper weapon, 14.5 weapon, and 12.7 weapon, pointing out that the militias practice their violations and violations of the UN truce on a daily basis.

The joint Yemeni forces positions in the mountainous area of ​​Al-Tahita district, south of the governorate, were heavily bombed. Houthi militias targeted the positioning of forces in Al-Jabaliya area with medium weapons of PICA, 14.5 weapons and light machine guns.

The militias shelled Yemeni joint forces positions in the coastline south of Hodeidah, and artillery shelling targeted joint positions in the north of Hais district, in addition to shelling east positions with 120-caliber mortars and Hauser guns. .

In al-Jawf, Yemeni army forces repelled a large-scale militia attack on their positions in al-Wajf front in Khub and al-Sha'f district, according to military sources led by the axis, pointing out that large groups of units called the "death squads" of the Houthis participated in the attack, through which the militias were seeking To break through the Al-Wajf front and to circumvent the Axis forces in Wadi al-Sililah, the main gate to the orphan front, on the Saada border.

The Axis War Staff confirmed that the forces of the 165th Brigade of Jawf axis managed to break the Houthi attack after fierce battles that left a number of dead and wounded among the militias.

In Metn, several areas of Ham Mountains witnessed sporadic clashes and clashes between the army and Iranian militias that led to the deaths and injuries of the Houthis, and the destruction of a number of their fortifications and military vehicles.

In Saada, coalition warplanes continued to conduct raids focused on militia positions in different areas as part of their support for the Yemeni army forces engaged in fierce battles against the Houthis in the fronts of Baqim, Kattaf and Razeh, according to field sources, stressing that the raids targeted military gatherings and mechanisms of militias in the vicinity of Baqim, and other At Razih border crossing with Saudi Arabia, a number of vehicles were destroyed.

In Al-Dhale'e, military sources reported that fierce battles of various types were taking place between the joint forces and the militias in the front of Al-Qafla centered in the areas of Bab Ghalq, Al-Zubayriyah and Shakhb north of Al-Dhale'e after the militias attempted to recapture Al-Zubayriat from the hands of the joint Yemeni forces.

The sources pointed out that fierce and fierce clashes are taking place in Hajar Front with various types of weapons between the joint forces and the Houthi militias, in which the joint Yemeni forces managed to thwart the infiltration and confront the Houthi attack and incur great losses.

The militias sniped farms in the village of Adma, north of the Mreis area, as part of its targeted targeting of civilians, which comes after the failure of its attacks on sites lost by the joint Yemeni forces.