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Premier Boris Johnson has promised to "find a way" out of the political impasse after Wednesday's triple defeat at the Parlment , which has blocked his plans for extreme Brexit and denied him the call for early elections on October 15.

Politically cornered after six weeks in power, with the crisis open in the Conservative Party over the expulsion of 21 rebel deputies, Johnson faces a new challenge in court on Thursday for his decision to temporarily suspend the sessions of Parliament of the September 10 to October 14.

Gina Miller , the activist who forced the Government of Theresa May to submit the activation of Article 50 to Parliament's authorization, appears Thursday in court in London , undercover by former Conservative Prime Minister John Major and the Autonomous Governments of Wales and Scotland

"The poisoned apple"

Although a Scottish court dismissed a similar lawsuit this week against Boris Johnson's decision, Miller and Major are confident that justice will ultimately be on their side and will consider parliamentary suspension as "undemocratic."

Johnson will foreseeably return to Parliament on Monday his proposal to advance the elections, hoping to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority this time. The premier lashed out at Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and noted that it is the first time in the history of the United Kingdom that an opposition leader refuses to pick up the glove of early elections.

"The obvious conclusion is that they don't want to go to the polls because they know they can't win," said Johnson, who has put the Conservative Party in the polls again with a 33% vote intention (compared to 22% of the Labor).

Corbyn justified his party's opposition to an election on October 15, claiming that the offer reminds him of "the poisoned apple that the evil queen offers to Snow White." The "poison," according to Corbyn, is Boris Johnson's intention to leave the EU on October 31 without an agreement.

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