YouTube Child information Illegal collection Google sanctioned 18 billion yen September 5 8:34

The US FTC = Federal Trade Commission has announced that it has imposed fines of $ 170 million and Japanese yen over 18 billion yen against Google, a major IT company, and YouTube. It is said that the personal information of children was illegally collected on YouTube without parental consent.

This was announced in a joint statement by the Federal Trade Commission, which is responsible for consumer protection in the US government, and the Attorney General in New York on the 4th.

According to it, on YouTube, toy makers and others play videos for children, and YouTube is interested in what homepages, including children who have viewed these videos, see on the Internet and what It was that I was able to obtain information such as whether or not it was useful for advertising strategy.

In the United States, the law requires the consent of parents to obtain personal information for children under the age of 13, but the Federal Trade Commission and others have accused Google and YouTube of violating the law. A total of $ 170 million in fines and ¥ 18 billion in Japanese yen were imposed.

The company has issued a statement and will take necessary measures to protect the personal information of children in the future.

In the US, Facebook has been charged a $ 5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission over the issue of Facebook leaking large amounts of personal data, protecting privacy for major IT companies. The demand is growing.