Apple hopes that the US sanctions on Huawei to ban US technology on its phones, to curb the Chinese company and help Apple to regain its position in the smartphone market, especially in India.

The latest report from the Nikkei economic site supports this news, saying that Apple is preparing to launch the first average phone since its iPhone SE.

The report predicted that the launch will be in the spring, as Apple is looking to restore its strength in markets such as China and India, especially when the US ban on Huawei comes into force.

The Nikkei report is closely aligned with a report released earlier this year by the Economic Daily.

The new model is said to resemble the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 that was released in 2017. When it launches next year, it will feature an LCD screen with the same components of the new iPhone this year, according to Nikkei sources.

Another report for "ID" that the date of the release of the cheap iPhone will be in April 2020 and based on the iPhone 8, and will contain an LCD screen, in addition to details such as the rear camera and a single lens storage 128 GB.

We've heard many rumors about iPhone SE since 2018, when it was said that Apple needs to produce an iPhone worth no more than $ 299 in order to compete properly in India.

The iPhone 4S was priced at $ 399 when it was launched in March 2016. It was discontinued in late 2018.