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What happened on ...: Calendar Sheet 2019: 5th September


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Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 5, 2019:

36th calendar week, 248th day of the year

117 days left until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Name day: Maria Theresia, Roswitha


2018 - The Hessian city of Frankfurt has to introduce a diesel driving ban, decides the Administrative Court of Wiesbaden. The state of Hesse, which is responsible for updating the clean air plans, appeals.

2017 - The German Environmental Award goes to three conservationists and two technology pioneers. The Bavarian engineers Bernhard and Johannes Oswald receive the award for the development of particularly economical electric motors. The prize will be handed over on the 29th of October.

1994 - The International Olympic Committee enacts a Doping Code. It commits the entire Olympic sport to a consistent concept of doping control.

1957 - Federal Government and Länder establish the Wissenschaftsrat, based in Cologne, as a joint West German advisory body on university and research issues.

1946 - Austria and Italy sign a treaty in Paris (Gruber-De Gasperi Agreement) to protect the German-speaking population in South Tyrol. Only in 1992 is autonomy of South Tyrol internationally finally sealed.

1944 - The USSR declares war on Bulgaria. A few days later, the Red Army occupies the country. It remains until December 1947.

1929 - French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand proposes the creation of the "United States of Europe" at the Geneva General Assembly.

1869 - Architect Eduard Riedel lays the foundation for the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle. The client, Bavaria's King Ludwig II, is not himself.

1795 - The US concludes a peace and friendship treaty with the Ottoman Empire in Algiers. In exchange for cash payments, the US gets back its hostages taken by Algerian pirates and American ships are granted free travel on the Atlantic and Mediterranean.


1959 - Frank Schirrmacher, German journalist and publicist («Ego: The Game of Life»), d. 2014

1954 - Hans-Jürgen Gerhardt (65), German athlete, Bob Olympic champion of 1980

1949 - Joachim Hunold (70), German entrepreneur, founded "Air Berlin GmbH & Co. Luftverkehrs-KG" in 1991

1944 - Fedor Radmann (75), German sports official, Vice President of the Organizing Committee for the Football World Cup Germany 2006

1939 - George Lazenby (80), Australian film actor (James Bond cast member in «Her Majesty's Secret Service»)


1988 - Gert Fröbe, German actor («Goldfinger», «The Threepenny Opera», Dr. Mabuse Films), born. 1913

1569 - Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Dutch painter («The Dutch Proverbs»), b. between 1525 and 1530

Source: zeit

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