• Brexit.Boris Johnson loses the parliamentary majority by the defection of Deputy Phillip Lee
  • EU exit.Boris Johnson will push early elections after the British Parliament's blockade to its extreme Brexit
  • Courts.The Scottish Justice refuses to block the suspension of the British Parliament

The Edinburgh Court of Sessions has rejected the motion presented by 75 British deputies to stop the suspension of the British Parliament announced by Boris Johnson last week. The decision of the judge, who has preferred to let the issue be resolved in the political arena, will be appealed, in addition to similar lawsuits are expected in England and Northern Ireland.

"In my opinion there has been no violation of the rule of law. Parliament owns its own procedures and it is up to him to decide when he meets, in addition to being able to do so before and after the extension," explained Lord Doherty , the magistrate in charge of the case. "We are in a political and decision-making territory that cannot be measured according to legal standards, but only through political judgments. The responsibility lies with Parliament and, ultimately, the electorate, not the courts." .

The lawsuit was filed by a group of 75 British deputies from different parties, including the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, even before the Prime Minister made his intention to suspend Parliament for five weeks to start A new political cycle. Although they accused Boris Johnson of having exceeded his exercise of power, the judge has considered that the law has not been broken and that it was not for him to intervene in a matter like this.

What the 'premier' has achieved with this decision, which may not be lying in court, is to unite the opposition against what they consider to be a "coup d'etat" that only seeks to avoid parliamentary control and facilitate the Departure without agreement of the European Union on October 31. The conservative leader lost yesterday, on the opening day of the course, not only the parliamentary majority with the flight of one of his deputies to the Liberal Democratic Party, but also the control of the political agenda, which could lead him to be forced to have to ask for a new extension to Brussels.

The Government, on the other hand, assures that its only intention is to have time to be able to present in the traditional Queen's Speech what its objectives will be during the legislature, in addition to insisting that the deputies still have enough time to be able to Decide how they want Brexit resolved. Lord Doherty, who has recognized that this type of situation may be the responsibility of the courts on certain occasions, has assured today that the legal arguments presented by both parties have not convinced him and that he does not believe that in this case it is his power to decide .

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