The opposition party calls for an extraordinary parliament before raising the consumption tax by 10% on September 4, 12:08

The ruling party will immediately convene an extraordinary parliament as it is necessary to discuss the measures against the economic situation and the reduced tax rate, etc. Matched by asking for.

Before the consumption tax rate was raised to 10% next month, the opposition party chairman of the National Assembly met with the president of the constitutional Democratic Party. It is unfortunate for the public to hold a parliament later. "

In addition, the chairman of the National Democratic Party's Haraguchi Parliament's response chairman argued that it should consider submitting a bill to prevent the tax rate increase and a bill to return the consumption tax rate to 8% after next month. I decided to take it home and consider it.

On that basis, it was agreed that the ruling party would immediately convene an extraordinary parliament, as it was necessary to discuss the economic situation and how to deal with the reduced tax rate during the month.

On the other hand, a member of the House of Representatives Maruyama Hotaka, who protects the people from NHK, wrote on Twitter that Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture must be recaptured. Decided to inform the ruling party that they would like to consider a more rigorous response.

Mr. Susumu will apply to the Liberal Democratic Party's Chairman of the Moriyama Diet on May 5.