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Brexit vote: Prime Minister versus Parliament


Exclude an EU exit without a deal? The British House of Commons votes about it. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has other plans. The events in the live blog

  • In the British House of Commons, MEPs vote on a renewed Brexit extension this Wednesday: if there is no agreement with the EU by 19 October, which the Parliament approves, the Brexit deadline will be extended for another three months - until End of January 2020. A no-deal Brexit should be excluded.
  • Should MPs vote for such a bill, Prime Minister Johnson wants to hold early elections. On Tuesday, however, 21 conservatives turned against the Prime Minister - so Johnson has no majority. However, in order to decide on new elections, he would need a two-thirds majority of the deputies behind him.
  • As things stand, Britain is leaving the European Union on 31 October. If it goes by the will of the Prime Minister, this should be possible without an agreement.
  • All important information about Brexit can be found on our topic page.

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13:09 4th of September 2019

Viola Kiel

Asked about his strategy, Johnson says his goal is to close the exit agreement with the EU . On October 17, he wanted to discuss the treaty at an EU summit. The proposed legislation would destroy any chance of satisfactory negotiations.

    13:09 4th of September 2019

    Michael Stuerzenhofecker

    You do not negotiate in public

    Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

      13:06 4th September 2019

      Viola Kiel

      Boris Johnson answers questions from Members of the House of Commons . And once again emphasizes: His government will lead Britain from the EU on 31 October. Before this step stood only the " surrender law , which brought in the opposition here".

        13:05 September 4, 2019

        Marcus Gatzke

        In the second quarter, the British economy has already shrunk. In the third, it could continue exactly this way. Britain would be in recession. The reason: the growing concern about a no deal. Many companies refrain from investing in the face of uncertainty.

          13:02 4th September 2019

          Michael Stuerzenhofecker

          Shortly before the debate starts, the European Commission announces that it will continue to work with the government of Boris Johnson. Despite the recent toss and whatsoever and although Johnson has lost the parliamentary majority, Britain has a government and one is ready to work with it, a commission spokeswoman said. Johnson remains contact for Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

            13:01 4th September 2019

            Marcus Gatzke

            Everything too complicated? The graphic of the British Guardian helps to keep the perspective.

            Mobile, very easy to understand, completely clear to what happens next from @thetimes

            - Neil Henderson on Twitter (@hendopolis)

              12:56 September 4, 2019

              Viola Kiel

              What happens today in the lower house? This timetable has been published by the BBC.

              Screenshot /

              The difference to the German time is one hour - the questioning of Prime Minister Boris Johnson begins in London at 12 o'clock, after German time at 13 o'clock.

                12:56 September 4, 2019

                Viola Kiel

                The leader of the British Liberal Democrat, Jo Swinson , announced that her party would not vote for new elections. The lower house must decide responsibly:

                Today the @LibDems and I want to act with responsibility. The Likelihood of a No Deal Brexit.

                - Jo Swinson on Twitter (@joswinson)

                  12:52 September 4, 2019

                  Viola Kiel

                  A new round in the struggle for Brexit : On Tuesday, a majority in the British House of Commons has opposed Prime Minister Boris Johnsons. Twenty-one Conservative MPs also joined the opposition, allowing Parliament to vote this Wednesday on a bill providing for a new deadline extension for the EU's exit.

                  Johnson announced after his defeat in the lower house a vote on new elections . But he would need a two-thirds majority. And at least the opposition made it clear: Johnson can not count on her votes.

                    Source: zeit

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