The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has begun to look into the case of a young Gulf man accused of using the social networking program `` Snapchat '' to threaten a girl who wants to marry her, telling her mother that there is a relationship between them, if she refused to meet him, after the girl told him that she did not want to complete the relationship.

The court decided to book the case for the verdict in the hearing of 18 September.

The Public Prosecution issued a referral order against the accused and restricted the incident in accordance with the provisions of the law against information technology crimes, where the prosecution charged the accused, threatening the victim with terms of honor and consideration, to get her to do an act, which is to go out with him, using the network "Snapchat" He was charged with an act that would improve disobedience by urging the victim to come out with him without a legitimate association.

The defendant said in the interrogation that he told the complainant "if you tell me the news of your mother" and denied that he had pictures of the complainant as he claimed, pointing out that he lied to her.

During the hearing, the defendant's lawyer, Shaima al-'Amri, argued that the elements of the threat of crimes were absent, pointing out that the defendant is an aggrieved as a result of an accident that led to severe brain injuries and inactivity, and attached a copy of her report to her defense memo. Medical condition of the accused.

She explained that the defendant identified the complainant through the Snapchat program about a year and a half ago, and throughout this period the defendant was aiming at this relationship to culminate in marriage, but the complainant recently contacted him and told her not to complete the relationship, which shocked the defendant and asked her to meet The complainant refused to meet him and go out with him, prompting him to tell her spontaneously, I will tell your mother if you did not meet me, and did not expect this sentence to reach him. Felonies.

Attorney Shaimaa al-Amiri said that the defendant did not understand that his sentence contained a lurking threat, noting that the complainant herself expected at the time of filing the complaint that only the defendant would be reprimanded, and did not expect things to be the same. And acknowledged that her complaint was intended not to be subjected to the accused.

Al-'Amri argued that the criminal intent of the defendant was absent, which confirms his innocence and good intentions.It also argued that the defendant attributed to the accused was null and void. Has the criminal intent of the threat incident.