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Yemeni forces launch a large military operation to complete the liberation of Saada epaulet


Yemeni forces, with the participation of Saudi ground forces, launched a large-scale military operation to complete the liberation of the Kattaf border directorate in Saada, the stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, while the Arab coalition defenses managed to bring down Houthi marches launched from Amran towards Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni forces, with the participation of Saudi ground forces, launched a large-scale military operation to complete the liberation of the Kattaf Border Directorate in Saada, a stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, while the defenses of the Arab coalition managed to bring down Houthi marches launched from Amran towards Saudi Arabia, while the joint Yemeni forces continued their military operations in Dali. , With the continued military escalation of militias on the fronts of the west coast of Yemen.

In detail, military sources in the Kattaf axis in Saada governorate in northern Yemen announced the launching of a large-scale military operation towards the center of Kattaf Border Directorate with Saudi Arabia, noting that the operation, along with the Yemeni forces stationed in Kattaf axis, involved two brigades of Saudi ground forces, namely: King Abdulaziz Brigade and 16th Infantry Brigade.

The sources added that the operation aims to complete the liberation of the center of the Directorate of Kataf and open new fronts towards the city of Saada, the center of the province, which is the stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, and its leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, stressing that the operation comes as a continuation of the liberation process being waged by Yemeni forces 10 days ago It reached the outskirts of the Directorate's center on three sides.

The Yemeni army forces continued their advance in Wadi Al-Jbara axis towards the center of Kataf Directorate, with the great support of coalition fighter jets, Apache helicopters and Litter Bird helicopters, as part of the military operation that started 10 days ago, which came after the Houthi militias attempted to advance from Wadi Al Jbara towards Army positions in these areas attempted to besiege a military brigade, but failed as a result of coalition warplanes launched a series of raids focused on its forces, resulting in the death and injury of more than 300 elements, while 123 others were captured, according to field military sources belonging to the command of the epaulet of the epaulet.

The Arab coalition fighter jets targeted sites of Iranian Houthi militias in Sanaa that hit ballistic missile stores in Faj Atan. They also targeted militia positions in Sanhan district south of the capital.

Coalition fighter jets also targeted militia positions in the vicinity of Saada's Kataf district center and another in the Mustabaa Hajjah district.

The military operations of the army and the coalition in Wadi al-Jbara resulted in a number of deaths among the prominent militia leaders, including the commander of the Saada axis Amin Humaid al-Humairi, the commander of rapid intervention Abdullah Hussein Ali Hussein al-Nawa, Jaafar al-Marani, and al-Makni Abu Salah (deputy director of the Political Security Bureau in Saada), And breeze Qaidla (Abu Karar).

In addition, a number of military vehicles were destroyed, including tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition, and other vehicles.

On the other hand, the coalition defenses intercepted three ballistic missiles fired by the Houthi militias from Saada towards Najran airport in Saudi Arabia, in response to the strikes they received in the front of the epaulets of Al-Baqaa and destroyed them in the air, and managed to shoot down a drones fired by the militias from Amran north of Sanaa towards the Kingdom. Dawn yesterday.

The spokesman for the coalition forces, Col. Turki al-Maliki, in a statement broadcast by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), that the attempts of the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militias to launch drones doomed to fail, and stressed that the coalition is taking all operational procedures, and the best means to deal with These Houthi aircraft to protect civilians and civilian objects.

He added that the recent repeated attempts by the Houthi militias are the result of significant losses among its members, equipment and equipment, and through military operations carried out by the coalition.

He continued that the Houthi militias' terrorist attempts and media misinformation come to raise the morale of their terrorist elements.

In Hajja, northwest Yemen, Yemeni army forces shot down on Monday evening a militia droning aircraft in the skies of Haradh border with Saudi Arabia, according to military sources, stressing that the plane was shot down while trying to target populated civilian areas in Haradh.

In Hudaydah, Houthi militias continued their daily breaches of the UN truce by targeting and bombing joint Yemeni forces positions in different areas east of Hodeidah and southern areas, using heavy and medium weapons.

According to field sources, the shelling by the militias targeted sites where the joint forces are stationed east of the city of Saleh, and other sites on 7 July Street east of the city of Hodeidah, using artillery and Hauser artillery shells B10, and targeted sites Pika rate weapon and weapon 14.5, in addition to light weapons And sniper weapons.

The Houthi militias also targeted the Yemeni Joint Forces locations in Tahitha Directorate south of Hodeidah with LT23 and Pika and 14.5 weapon rates, intensively and violently, and hit a number of locations in different areas of the Directorate.

A Yemeni citizen and his wife were martyred, and two children were injured in a mine explosion planted by Houthi militias in Al-Marabia village, east of Taif area of ​​Al-Durhami district, south of Hodeidah, where the wounded were taken to Al-Durhami field hospital to receive first aid and transfer them to the brain to continue receiving treatment.

The number of civilian casualties caused by mines and IEDs is increasing in the West Coast areas, while they continue to be heavily bombed, targeted neighborhoods, casualties and damage.

The militias continued to mobilize to several areas in Hodeidah, including the Suwaiq area south of Tahita, where large groups and military vehicles arrived from militia-controlled areas in Sana'a, Amran, Dhamar, Hajjah, Saada, Mahwit and Ibb.

In Dhali, Hajar Front and Al-Ribi area in the north of the province witnessed clashes between the Yemeni joint forces and the militias, according to military sources, confirming that direct confrontations and confrontations continued without stop since the day before yesterday, during which dozens of people were killed and wounded in the ranks of both sides.

The sources pointed out that the violent clashes between the two sides took place in the areas of Beja, Al-Ribi and Hajar Al-Lower, expanded to the northwestern front of Qataba, specifically Bab Qalq, Qafla and Zubayrat.

- Houthi militias continue their daily breaches of the UN truce in Hodeidah, targeting and bombing sites of joint Yemeni forces in different areas of the city.

Source: emara

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