Retailers in the American branches of supermarket chain Walmart are no longer allowed to carry weapons visibly. The chain will also no longer sell various types of ammunition, including cartridges with a caliber of 5.56 millimeters, Business Insider writes Tuesday. That type of ammunition is used, among other things, in an AR-15 rifle, which was used by attackers in many mass shootings in the US.

Walmart makes the decision because of the two recent mass shootings that took place in their stores. 22 people were killed in El Paso, Texas, and two Walmart employees were killed in Southaven, Mississippi.

Because of the shooting incidents, the call to curb the sale of weapons became louder and louder. Various Walmart stores are said to have been evacuated since August after customers panicked when they saw firearms at other visitors.

That is why customers are no longer allowed to visibly carry firearms from Tuesday. If a visitor manages to hide a weapon, he can still go into the store with him.

Walmart completely bans hand guns

The supermarket chain is also implementing its first adjustments in arms sales. In Alaska, Walmart stops selling hand guns, which means that in no US state the store now sells such weapons.

In addition to scrapping the sale of bullets with a caliber of 5.56 millimeters, Walmart also removes the .223 bullet from the shelves. For example, this ammunition is produced for shotguns, but there are also large warehouses available for military weapons.

At the beginning of August, another ten people were killed in Dayton when someone opened fire with a weapon using .223 cartridges.

'Walmart's share of ammunition sales goes more than half'

Walmart accounts for 20 percent of ammunition sales in the United States every year. As a result of the changes, CEO Doug McMillon expects the supermarket chain's share to fall to 9 percent and possibly even to 6 percent.

Earlier Walmart temporarily reduced the sale of violent games, but emphasized that this had no consequences for the long term.


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