• Courts: Judge Núñez Bolaños retains 60% of corruption cases that dot the PSOE governments in Andalusia
  • Corruption: The Prosecutor's Office attacks the "cutters" of Judge Núñez in a piece of the ERE
  • Complaint The Chief of Anti-Corruption denounces the judge of the 'ERE case' for the "unjustified" delay for the benefit of those investigated

María Núñez Bolaños , the judge in Seville who instructs the pieces torn from the ERE corruption macrocause, has withdrawn again for health reasons, leaving the investigations in the hands of the reinforcement judge José Ignacio Vilaplana , who on Tuesday He has taken a statement from several people for his relationship with this case.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor filed a devastating complaint against the owner of the Court of Instruction 6 of Seville, María Núñez Bolaños, at the beginning of July before the General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ) for delaying investigations of corruption cases splashing the former Andalusian governments of the PSOE and inherited from judge Mercedes Alaya. It was filed after all the Anticorruption prosecutors of Seville sent to the chief prosecutor Alejandro Luzón a detailed complaint about the judge's instructions, his "obstacles and cuts" to the investigations under way.

The complaint addressed to the CGPJ details the investigative "inactivity" of Judge Núñez, her "disregard" of the resolutions of the Audience of Seville, in addition to "obstacles" and "irregular behaviors", which lead the Prosecutor to conclude that there is a "willingness to paralyze or slow down the progress of the proceedings" by the investigating judge.

Judge Núñez, who was already on leave from mid-June to mid-July, was to be present this Tuesday at a court session with the parties in a separate piece of the ERE macrocause concerning the aid granted to the company Linares Motor . However, it has not come, being low, without having transcended the exact causes of it. His work has been assumed by Judge Vilaplana.

The holder of the Court of Instruction 6 of Seville is accused by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of "paralyzing" not only the pieces of the ERE but also the 'Avales case' and the 'Idea case' . These last two issues analyze the activity of the IDEA Agency of the Junta de Andalucía to determine if he allegedly used irregularly the financing transfers that came from other councils and if he also granted guarantees to companies benefiting from the reptile fund . The ERE case, which has sat on the bench to the former presidents of the Junta de Andalucía Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán, along with a score of former Andalusian senior officials, deals with the uncontrolled and opaque distribution of 741 million euros that the Andalusian Government of the PSOE made between 2000 and 2010 in the form of socio-labor assistance to workers of companies in crisis.

The main piece of the ERE, in which Chaves and Griñán were prosecuted between December 2017 and December 2018 at the Audience of Seville, is currently pending judgment .

Support of former PSOE attorneys

A few days after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office denounced Judge Núñez, lawyers of several former high-ranking PSOE officials investigated - before accused - in the causes of corruption investigated by this magistrate, they launched a letter of support for her.

Ten defense lawyers who could benefit from the "unjustified" delay in favor of those investigated in which Judge Núñez would be incurring - according to Anticorruption - then became "qualified direct witnesses" of what happens in court, they took sides by the magistrate and lashed out at the Prosecutor’s Office .

These lawyers accused Anticorrupción of issuing "seriously offensive value judgments" that "cast an explicit doubt on the professional probity and the jurisdictional act" of the judge, when disseminating a note on the complaint filed before the CGPJ against Núñez Bolaños, for considering it "responsible for a serious or very serious offense".

"From our own direct experience, we also want to reject and deny public opinion those derogatory value judgments, stating that at all our experience is that of a judge who has acted with 'unjustified and unjustified delay' [as the Prosecutor's Office] in the processing and resolution of the aforementioned cases, quite the contrary, and there will be the statistics to prove it, the countless statements received, ordered errands and resolutions issued by Judge Núñez in these macrocauses since 2015 are overwhelming ", the defense lawyers stress in their writing.

"Passive" judge

Very different is the analysis of the Prosecutor. The complaint of 110 pages filed by Anticorruption against María Núñez Bolaños says that the judge "shows passive or is limited to giving a mere appearance of processing the proceedings " and that a "progressive emptying is being carried out in the ERE procedure. after agreeing to exclude the positions of the Board ".

In addition to the support of defense lawyers, several magistrates of the Board of Judges of Instruction of Seville wanted to transfer their "support and affection" on July 5 to Judge Núñez, after the complaint presented by the chief prosecutor of Anticorruption before the Promoter of the Disciplinary Action of the CGPJ.

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