The PvdA also wants to get rid of the student loan system. This appears to be a majority for the reintroduction of the basic grant for students.

The PvdA is joining a coalition of youth organizations, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie that wants to take measures to give the new generation of young people more certainty. There is too much pressure on this group, partly due to problems in the housing market and the increasing pressure of a student loan.

If opposition party PvdA no longer supports the loan system, which it introduced itself a few years ago, there is a majority for return of the basic grant.

The National Student Union (LSVb) says that the loan system will be abolished quickly now that there is a broad political coalition for the reintroduction of the basic grant.

'Students are under pressure from performance pressure'

"We see that students are now under increasing performance pressure. Especially for children whose parents do not have a big wallet, the study debt then counts heavily," said party leader Lodewijk Asscher.

"It is a relief that we are finally navigating slowly away from the delusion that studying is an investment that people have to pay for themselves, while the entire society benefits," said LSVB chairman Alex Tess Rutten. "With a basic grant, all young people in the Netherlands should have the opportunity to complete their studies without debt, regardless of the education or financial position of their parents," she says.

The LSVB calls for the ChristenUnie, GroenLinks and the Labor Party to make serious efforts to make their commitments and the abolition of the loan system a prominent place in their election programs for the parliamentary elections of 2021.


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