The National Police of Burgos has arrested FCG, 18 , as the alleged perpetrator of crime simulation after reporting that he had been kidnapped and assaulted, and all this to try to hide a fight he had with some acquaintances , police sources told Europa Press.

In the complaint he formalized at the Provincial Police Station, he said that one afternoon, when leaving a relative's home, he had been approached by a foreign individual from behind, who, after threatening him, forced him to get into a vehicle occupied by two other men .

According to his statements, and once inside the car, he was repeatedly beaten causing him to lose consciousness that he recovered minutes later in a field, surrounded this time by five people, who continued to assault and insult him , until in an oversight of They managed to escape and ask for help.

After that call, a police call and an ambulance moved to the place that attended and transferred him to the hospital.

The "victim" did not skimp on details regarding the physical characteristics, nicknames and weapons used by her aggressors, including linking these individuals with Latin gangs and wielding rivalry between them as an argument to explain the beating they had given her.

Days later, and previously cited in police units by investigators to try to specify details and data related to the event, the complainant was nervous , responding in a credible way to specific questions.

Finally, he finally acknowledged that everything that had happened was invented , in order to hide his absence from the family home and not to find out about a fight he had had with some acquaintances.

After this statement he was arrested for incurring an alleged crime simulation crime, being informed of the rights that assist him under the current legislation.

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