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Cédric Villani, here in 2012, was invested in the 5th district of Essonne under the label La République en marche. JOEL SAGET / AFP

It is not him that the party of Emmanuel Macron chose to lead the battle of the municipal in Paris and yet, Cédric Villani prepares to launch himself in solo. The walker MP must announce this Wednesday night his candidacy, against that of Benjamin Griveaux, the official candidate of the Republic Marche.

The deputy mathematician has calculated his stroke. Silent all summer long, he waited for the comeback to get out of the wood leaving a false suspense hanging over his decision.

This Wednesday evening, Cédric Villani has made an appointment with his supporters and the press in a bar in the 14th arrondissement of the capital. A logical application, legitimate in the eyes of Camp Villani denouncing a selection procedure "flawed" within En Marche. At the risk of opening a fratricidal battle with Benjamin Griveaux.

In the entourage of the official candidate, we temporize: Benjamin Griveaux does not ask the exclusion of Cédric Villani, no question of making a "victim" and to pass for the bad guys.

The former spokesman does the round back, he has no choice, forced to submit a dissenting candidacy, in a campaign already very complicated for him.

In a letter addressed to the Parisians, Benjamin Griveaux agitates the risk of a defeat because of the divisions and calls his fellow walker to " find the way of the collective ".

The Élysée on its side lets do. Emmanuel Macron will " let the arena decant and support the one who will come out, " says a deputy close to the head of state.