The US Department of Defense has approved $ 3.6 billion for the construction of the Wall on the Mexican border that President Donald Trump wanted. According to the Pentagon, it is intended to finance a section of the wall 280 kilometers long. The funds were actually earmarked for 127 new construction and renovation projects of US military installations at home and abroad. These projects should now be postponed.

Defense Secretary Mike Esper said it had redeployed funds from the Pentagon budget for 2019. The move was made possible after the Supreme Court ruled at the end of July. The United States Supreme Court had abrogated the previous ruling of a federal judge who had prohibited Trump from using funds from the Pentagon to build new barriers on the Mexican border.

Leading Democrats condemned the project. The diversion of funds from already approved projects is an "irresponsible decision" that violates Parliament's budgetary law and is a pity for national security, said the spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said that the cannibalization of planned military expenditures for the construction of the Wall was an egotrip trump and a "slap in the face" of all soldiers.

The construction of a wall on the 3200 kilometer border with Mexico was one of Trump's key election promises. He justified this with the "fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling". However, the Congress did not release enough funds for this. Trump then called in February a national emergency at the border in order to redirect existing funds can.