Ingolstadt (AP) - The car maker Audi rejects allegations, he does not progress in the conversion of manipulated diesel vehicles.

The Group had analyzed the relevant vehicles to clarify the diesel crisis, exchanged with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) on results and made progress, said Audi on Tuesday.

In late 2017, the Federal Motor Transport Authority had issued several orders that Audi had to remove software tricks from its diesel models, with which the vehicles officially drove clean, but clearly exceeded the exhaust gas limits on the road. The agency had therefore ordered the recall of thousands of vehicles and strict deadlines for software updates for the conversion prescribed.

At Audi it was now, with the models of the emission standard Euro 6 are after a KBA release five of eight notices to V6 and V8 TDI vehicles "in the implementation". That corresponded nationwide more than two-thirds of the approximately 151,000 confirmed with a decision Euro 6 cars. For the first four notices from November 2018, the measures in Germany have also been implemented to over 90 percent.

In addition, Audi had the recently released solution for the fifth decision in about 10 percent of the affected vehicles processed. Altogether so that with the Euro-6-cars for nearly 85 per cent of the vehicles the releases are reached. For the EU-5 vehicles offering voluntary service measures, nearly 75 percent of the vehicles were approved.

Earlier, the "Handelsblatt" and the "Bayerische Rundfunk" had reported that Audi did not get away with the conversion of the models from the spot. The corporation has not even submitted all the necessary official forms for most diesel models, it said, citing a response from the federal government from the end of August to a request from the Greens.

Audi has "for the vehicle models Audi A4, A5, Q7, A6 (3.0, 180 kw), A7 (3.0l, 180 kw), A8 (4.2l), A8L (4.2l), A8 (3.0l, 184 kw) , as well as A8L (3.0l, 184 kw) (...) have not yet submitted complete application documents », says the letter. Therefore, the necessary software updates could not be released yet.

"The processing of exhaust gas fraud at Audi is systematically abducted," criticized the green traffic expert Stephan Kühn. "Although the manipulations have been known for at least a year and a half, several callbacks have not started."