Liverpool star Sadio Mane continues to reverberate because his teammate Mohamed Salah did not pass the ball during one of Burnley's recent attacks, as British newspapers reported a lot of reports, the most prominent of which was the idea of ​​selling the Egyptian star and investing its big price in supporting the Reds. Others.

Salah, with a market value of 150 million euros, is the most expensive player in the Premier League and the third most expensive player in the world after French star Killian Mbappe (200 million euros) and Brazilian Neymar (180 million).

Liverpool could consider a repeat of their successful experience in 2018 when they sold Brazilian star Felipe Coutinho, at the same age as Salah, 27, to Barcelona for a total of 160 million euros, according to the Mirror. Van Dyck and Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker, who played a key role in the Reds' Champions League crown.

It is strange that the proposal to sell Salah to the management of the fans of Liverpool, who have long sung brilliantly Egyptian star, where fans through the site "Rossing the Cup" idea to the management of the club, stressing that it is the best time to sell the player at the height of his brilliance.

The public's offer went on to offer alternatives to the Reds, suggesting that Salah be invested in Paris Saint-Germain (Killian Mbappe), Goudan Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) and Kay Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen).

The Mirror said that Liverpool sports director Michael Edwards is a supporter of the idea of ​​selling Salah and take advantage of his revenue to strengthen the squad better, especially since his name was linked to the transfer to Spanish football poles Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It is noteworthy that Liverpool extended Salah's contract until 2023 in exchange for his weekly salary, making him the highest paid in the team, and one of the highest income players in the Premier League.