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The Yemeni army advances towards the center of Kataf Directorate in Saada


Supported by coalition and Apache fighters, Yemeni army forces advanced towards the center of Kataf Directorate and the rest of Saada governorate, a stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, while the militias continued to mobilize their elements and armed men to the West Coast fronts as part of their escalation.

Supported by coalition and Apache fighters, Yemeni army forces advanced towards the center of Kataf Directorate and the rest of Saada province, the stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, while the militias continued to mobilize their elements and armed men to the West Coast fronts as part of their continuous military escalation and violations of the UN truce. Sana'a and Ibb humanitarian violations by Houthi elements.

In detail, Yemeni army forces, supported by coalition and Apache fighters, were able to advance towards the center of Kataf Directorate in Sa'ada governorate, a stronghold of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, and secured areas adjacent to the Directorate's center from Wadi al-Jbara after tightening control. Its operations began a few days ago in the valley, with the aim of thwarting the militia's attempt to recapture it after mobilizing two brigades to the area.

Field sources in Saada confirmed that coalition fighters were able to pound militia positions in these areas with a series of concentrated raids, and targeted five air strikes, weapons stores and sites for Houthi militias in Haidan district and Razeh border, as well as similar raids on militia positions in and around Saada city. Behind the explosions that rocked the city.

In al-Hudaydah, Iranian-backed Houthi militias continued to intensively send their elements and gunmen along with their military hardware to the West Coast fronts, after conducting rallies in Amran, Dhamar, Hajjah, Mahwit and Sana'a, and sent them to Hodeidah through al-Udain junction, Suqm junction and on the Bajil-Sana'a road.

Local sources and eyewitnesses confirmed that they saw Houthi armed convoys entering the areas of Hodeidah intensively during the past two days. They also saw armed vehicles and military vehicles entered camouflaged to the fronts of contact in Hodeidah after the arrival of Houthi militants, pointing out that the crowd warns of anticipated confrontations Between the militias and the Yemeni forces involved in the fronts of Hodeidah, especially as they refuse to implement the Swedish agreement on Hodeidah.

In addition, night clashes erupted between the joint forces stationed east of the city of Tahita, south of Hodeidah, and the Houthi militias, which resumed shelling with heavy and medium weapons, towards the city and the district, targeting residential neighborhoods and common sites.

According to field sources, the joint forces exchanged fire with the militias with various weapons, and there were clashes between the two sides in the vicinity of the city of Tahita with different bullets.

Local sources said that the militias fired heavy mortar shells at the houses intensively and violently, causing extensive destruction and material damage to the property of civilians, especially farmers, who confirmed a number of unexploded shells in the center of their farms, causing them to enter .

In Hayes to the south, Combined Forces fighters dealt with heavy fire with an attempted infiltration of Houthi militia elements, which suffered significant losses.

The joint forces managed to thwart an infiltration attempt, carried out by the Houthi militias towards the joint sites east of Hays Directorate south of Hodeidah, in order to penetrate the common defenses and control the supply routes, but failed and suffered great losses on the outskirts of Hays.

In Dhali, the joint forces supported by the Southern Resistance and the security belt thwarted an attempt by Houthi militiamen towards Bab al-Qafla area in Qataba district, where clashes between the two sides left dead and wounded among the Houthis.

According to a military source in al-Dhali, there were casualties among the Houthi militias, which made a large march on the front of Bab al-Qafla al-Qafleh, northwest of Qatuba, where they were confronted by the military units stationed in those fronts. However, it was met with a violent and resolute response that forced it to break back to its former positions on the western outskirts of the area.

In Sanaa, Houthi militias shot down a pro-tribal sheikh on a street in the capital Sanaa, which they control, according to local sources, confirming that Houthi gunmen shot live Ahmed al-Ashmali, one of its leaders, while eating lunch at a restaurant in Omran Street in front of a stadium. Revolution in the television district north of the capital, and killed him.

The sources pointed out that the liquidation process comes within the framework of assassinations and inter-liquidation among the ranks and wings of Houthi militias, pointing out that al-Ashmali is one of the most prominent leaders of tribal militias, and one of the sheikhs of Harf Sufyan area in Amran governorate, and has close ties with prominent leaders in Houthi militias.

The sources pointed out that tribal gunmen and families of Ashmali had fallen to the scene of the incident, and are working hard to find out who was behind the assassination, and held a tribal meeting to examine the assassination and its aftermath.

In Ibb, central Yemen, a woman was killed and a teacher was shot by Houthi gunmen in two separate incidents, according to local sources, noting that a woman named Alaa Sadiq al-Jabri, who was about to give birth, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen who attacked her house in al-Wasta district of al-Mishnah district, east. Ibb, with the aim of theft and looting.

In al-Dhahir district, the center of Ibb governorate, Ahmed al-Humaidi, an educator, was shot by masked men riding a motorcycle in a bulldozer, in a dispute with Houthi elements who tried to break into al-Hamidi's qat farms.

Source: emara

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