The mathematician and deputy of Essonne must announce Wednesday if he presents his dissident candidacy to the mayor of Paris.

LREM Deputy Cédric Villani assured Monday to Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe that his possible dissident candidacy to the municipal in Paris would not be the expression of a "mistrust" towards them, we learned from his entourage.

"Cédric Villani informed the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister that he would make a statement to Parisians this Wednesday, September 4 at 19 hours and that his decision was in no way an act of defiance vis-à-vis of their action, "said Baptiste Fournier, Campaign Director of Cédric Villani for the inauguration on the march.

INFO EUROPE 1 - Cédric Villani, if he is a candidate in Paris, will be excluded from the Republic on the move

Benjamin Griveaux, unanimously chosen by the members of the National Investiture Commission in July to represent LREM in March 2020, proposed to Cédric Villani to "co-pilot" the presidential party's campaign, "both on the background and on incarnation ". But the MP for Essonne, whose possible alternative bid agitates Macronie for weeks, has declined the proposal.

His statement will not be "against LREM"

In another message sent on Monday to Benjamin Griveaux and the boss of LREM Stanislas Guerini, the mathematician assures them that his statement coming Wednesday "would not be against LREM". But he deplores that "the current operation is (not) able to fulfill the conditions allowing Parisians to gather around a project for the future and innovative".

Cédric Villani will officially announce Wednesday at 19:00 his "intentions" for Paris, in this case a dissenting candidacy, or not, to get out of the duel announced between the outgoing PS mayor Anne Hidalgo and Benjamin Griveaux, even to fragment the vote on the march in the capital. On Sunday, the boss of the LREM deputies Gilles Le Gendre, while supporting Benjamin Griveaux, said he was hostile to "any form of exclusion or punishment vis-à-vis Cédric Villani or vis-à-vis his possible supporters "if he showed up.