It has been a week since the murder of Sergel's road in Ribersborg in Malmö. Karolin Hakim, 31, was shot dead while carrying her infant in the arms.

Karolin Hakim trained as a doctor abroad and then worked in Sweden. As late as this summer, she gave birth to her child.

Links to criminal networks

The child's father, a man aged 35, was sentenced in 2010 to the Bröndbyrånet in Denmark and released from prison in March 2015. Since then he has been convicted of a minor drug offense and an unlawful driving.

On the memorial site are flowers, candles and several pictures of Karolin Hakim. Photo: Private

During the week, the memory space on Sergel's road has grown larger. On the site are several flowers, candles and pictures of Karolin Hakim. Her family tells SVT that they do not want their daughter and sister to become an anonymous victim.

SVT News Skåne has been in contact with the family, who do not feel ready to speak out yet.

- The most important thing for us is that Karolin receives the tribute she deserves, says her brother.

Ask witnesses

The police investigation continues through questioning.

- It is a great investigation, we have gathered information in recent days. It is about interrogating witnesses and screening among the information we have received, says Nils Norling, press officer at the Malmö Police.

So far, no one has been arrested for the murder, but a 19-year-old man is being arrested on reasonable suspicion of assisting in murder and serious weapons crime.