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It is customary for the governors to park where they want


Stockholm County has it, Västra Götaland County has it - Kalmar County has it. Special dispensation for the governor's car occurs in several parts of the country. This shows a roundabout made by SVT News Småland.

The County Administrative Board in Kronoberg has sought an exemption from local traffic regulations for the governor's car, the so-called county management car. Something like P4 Kronoberg was the first to tell.

According to the application, you want to be able to drive the county line car in, inter alia, bus files and pedestrian streets if needed, and have a dispensation for parking around the residence in central Växjö.

Can drive in the bus file in Stockholm

SVT's survey shows that dispensaries for the county line car exist in several parts of the country. In Stockholm and in Västra Götaland, the county administrative boards have several cars that, in "urgent service exercise", can drive in the bus file and park freely on municipal parking and where there is otherwise a parking ban. The exemption applies throughout the county.

- It wouldn't work otherwise. It is a little special in Stockholm, but this is not possible to do otherwise, says Peter Allsing, driver at the county administrative board in Stockholm.

The governor of Kalmar can park freely

Even in Kronoberg's neighbor Kalmar, the county management car has an exemption from locally issued traffic rules. However, the exemption does not apply to driving on bus files and pedestrian streets, but only to the county line car being allowed to stand in places in the county where parking is prohibited.

- It is about the governor being able to reach everywhere and get close, for example in crisis situations, says Christina Carlberg, Head of Communications at the County Administrative Board in Kalmar.

In Halland and Jönköping, on the other hand, there is no dispensary for their county management cars, since it was not considered necessary.

Växjö Municipality withdrew the parking permit

The reason why Kronoberg's application for an exemption comes right now is that the municipality of Växjö has withdrawn a large number of its parking permits for government employees in central Växjö. The permit meant that the governor's car could park freely outside the residence on Storgatan.

But the municipality believes that the permits, which a few years ago were over 900 in number, have been abused for free parking and have therefore withdrawn everyone.

Drivers surprise

But the fact that the governor's parking dispensation has been withdrawn surprises the drivers on other county boards.

The County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland has a special dispensary issued by the City of Gothenburg to park its cars outside the residence.

- I think it seems a little strange that they have just withdrawn the state board's permission, I must say. For us, it had meant huge problems. We often have visits from, for example, the state leadership, and then you have to be able to get as smooth as possible, ”says Hans Pettersson, the governor of Västra Götaland's chauffeur.

Source: svt

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