According to media reports, the dispute over the failed car toll is now about the operating companies: The Confederation accuses them of having awarded unlicensed contracts worth more than € 500 million to other companies - after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) the toll had been tipped and the federal government had terminated the contracts.

The report Süddeutsche Zeitung and WDR reported citing a lawyer letter from the end of June, according to which there are seven contracts for subcontractors with a volume of 576 million euros. According to the report, a law firm commissioned by the Department of Transport accuses the companies of being "an intentional attempt to commit an unlawful injury".

Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had publicly stated on 26 June, there are three reasons for the termination of the toll contracts: regulatory and European law, ie the court verdict, poor performance of contractors and contracting after the termination. According to the Ministry of Transport, the operator was contractually prohibited from concluding any subcontracting contracts without the prior consent of the Federal Government.

Such details are important because it could depend on whether and in what amount the federal government has to pay the actually provided operator companies CTS Eventim and Kapsch compensation. The opposition in the Bundestag puts Scheuer under pressure because he concluded the contracts for the car toll before the ECJ had decided. Because the latter conceded the CSU prestige project, the operator companies could make millions of claims.