September 02, 2019A violent storm hit Rome on Monday night, particularly in the southern quadrant. Many flooded streets, as well as shops. There are floods in some stations of the line A of the metro. The Colli Albani station is indeed closed "due to bad weather", as announced by Atac. Problems due to flooding also in the San Giovanni and Subaugusta stations, so that some entrances have been banned. Instead, adjust the activity on the metro lines B / B1 and C.

Foggia and province
A violent storm broke over much of the province of Foggia and over the capital city where firefighters intervened due to various floods. Flooded homes, garages and commercial activities. Discomforts have also been recorded for road traffic for some streets completely invaded by water. Due to heavy rain in some neighborhoods there were also power outages. Discomforts also in other towns in the province such as Cerignola and Orta Nova. In the province of Foggia the orange alert was issued for hydrogeological risk and for bad weather.

Florence, Pistoia, Arezzo
Flooding in Florence due to a severe thunderstorm that fell on part of the city in the afternoon, while a landslide interrupted the Brenner state road 12 after Lima towards the Abetone, in the Pistoia area. In Florence called the fire brigade in different areas of the city, mainly due to drainage and water damage. The most affected areas are those of Via Pisana, Via Galliano, Viale Toselli and Isolotto. Discomforts also in the province of Arezzo due to the bad weather for an afternoon storm in the upper Valdarno, in particular on the town of Montevarchi where the underpass leading to the hospital was closed, where one car remained blocked, and temporarily that of via Maestri del Lavoro. Also closed the underpass in Piazza Garibaldi that connects the center with the hamlet of Pestello and the railway station underpass, which is impractical. Civil protection and firefighters are at work responding to requests for interventions

Flooded streets and traffic on tilt in Palermo where a violent downpour hit the city. Dozens of calls arrived at the fire brigade operations center whose operations, for the moment, are concentrated above all in the downtown area. Some roads, such as Via Notarbartolo and Via Leonardo da Vinci, have turned into rivers of water with disruption to circulation. Discomforts also in Viale Regione Siciliana and in Via Papireto, the road that leads to the central Piazza Indipendenza. Thunderstorms, with intense rains and strong winds, struck in the afternoon particularly in the inland areas of the Pesaro and Ancona areas, making it necessary for the fire brigade to undergo landslides, flooding and unsafe or fallen plants. Reported several cases of landslides on the streets of Pergola and other interventions of various types, again due to bad weather, in the areas of Cagli and Fossombrone, including a small fire in a house.

Ancona, Pesaro and province
Thunderstorms and strong winds caused flooding and several landslides, which also required the intervention of firefighters. The Pesaro inland area was most affected and, in particular, the area between the municipalities of Cagli, Fossombrone and Pergola, where heavy rain brought land to some roads, causing inconvenience to motorists. Even in the Ancona area, heavy rain caused numerous floods, while the wind caused several shrubs to fall, blocking some roads. In Fabriano, around 4 pm, a depot of the Elica was quickly evacuated for precautionary reasons; discomforts also in other factories of the area. In Jesi, lightning struck a tree, which hit a parked car

Tuesday still bad weather
The perturbation of Atlantic origin, already active on our northern regions with thunderstorm precipitations, will affect, during the night of Tuesday, most of the central-southern peninsular regions, especially those of the middle and lower Adriatic coast.

The Civil Protection has launched orange alert on most of Abruzzo and Molise and on northern Puglia. Yellow alert on the remaining basins of Abruzzo and Puglia, as well as in Calabria, Basilicata, part of Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Marche, Sicily, Umbria, Veneto and on the western sectors of Molise due to hydraulic, hydrogeological and thunderstorm risks.