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After several hunting accidents - The Hunters' Association never warns "Chance"


After several accidents in the wild boar hunt, the Jägareförbundet now goes out and warns against using the dark view that you do not master. "This must not happen, you must never chance and throw a shot away," says Magnus Rydholm, Head of Communications at the Swedish Hunters' Association.

On Thursday evening, a hunter was shot in the leg outside Växjö and earlier in August three cows died in a hunting accident in Blekinge, according to P4 Kalmar. The common denominator was that both accidents occurred while hunting wild boars, which are active at night.

- This means that the hunters must hunt in the evenings and nights, under poor lighting conditions. It can be an unfamiliar and new way for many, says Rydholm to TT.

Critical to thermal cameras

Now, the Swedish Hunters' Association warns against using the dark screen if you do not master them. Rydholm also states that it is important to survey the ground before the hunt to know in which directions one can fire safe shots.

- We think it is good that you have access to these tools because it makes hunting more efficient, but you have to train under such conditions as you should use them, says Magnus Rydholm, and believes that the hunter association must work with advice on how to hunt safer in the dark.

The Hunters' Association has previously been critical of the use of thermal cameras in the hunt, so-called thermal directives, as it is difficult to discern what type of creature it is.

- It is not that some heat cameras are completely wrong, but we do not have investigations and tests on how this should work practically. We think that the government should have accepted facts before deciding to allow thermal remedies, says Magnus Rydholm.

There is a pressure

Whether this new type of remedies has been used in the specific cases is not clear, and Rydholm wants to wait for the police investigation.

At the same time, there may be more reasons for the incidents.

- There is a pressure on the hunters to trap more wild boar in the hunt. It can also record that you get high demands. But in our world, safety always comes first. You must not chance.

TT: Can you trust that all hunters hunt safely?

"Given how much hunting is done every year in Sweden and how little accidents happen, I can say that hunting is very safe," says Rydholm.

Source: svt

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