An 11-year-old girl was surprised by a stranger in her family's apartment, where an Asian cleaner followed her after she came out of the building swimming pool, took advantage of her presence alone in the elevator, spoke to her, harassed her and walked behind her.Once she entered the apartment, he sneaked unnoticed, then tightened the door on them. .

The child (victim) said, in the investigation of the Public Prosecution, that she was with her mother in the swimming pool of the building, then her mother asked her to return to the apartment to eat, she went to the elevator, entered the defendant and then approached and harassed her, then went quickly to the apartment and entered without She noticed that the defendant was moving behind her.After she closed the door, I was surprised by him standing behind her.I asked him why he was there but he did not want to close the door with the key.He then put his hand on her shoulder and hugged her.He tried to woo her by asking her why she was upset with her mother, and tried to get away from him and go Her mother's bedroom but he tracked down and talked to her, then asked her She accompanied him to the emergency exit but I refused, but he pulled her hand to the director, fearing the arrival of her mother to the apartment. The girl added that she resisted an attempt to assault her.He asked her for her phone number, but she refused.He grabbed her hand, wrote his phone number on her, then pulled her back to the apartment.He closed the door, but the mother came and knocked on the door.The girl opened, and the mother was surprised that the accused was in the apartment.I asked him He told her that the girl told him that there was a problem in the balcony door and he came to solve it, but the mother threatened to inform the police and he ran away.

The girl's mother said that she was accompanied by her daughter and then asked her to go to the apartment to have her meal. The girl went upset, and after about a quarter of an hour she went to the apartment to check on her, and tried to open the door with the key, but could not find another key in the hand. The interviewer knocked on the door, opened her daughter, who seemed fearful and confused, and saw the defendant and asked him why he was there.He told her that he had come to repair the balcony door, but was not convinced by his account, because he was wearing the clothes of cleaners and not maintenance, and the door was intact. He got scared, so he pushed him down She was on the ground and fled the place, noting that she tried to catch up with him, but could not, because she was wearing a swimsuit. A witness from the Dubai police said he had moved to the scene and, by looking at the cameras, was found to have been tracking them from the entrance to the elevator. In its observations, the Public Prosecution stated that the defendant's statements were contradictory in two phases.

The Public Prosecution directed him to commit a felony of indecent assault, and a misdemeanor violating the sanctity of the property of others, and referred him to the Criminal Court in Dubai, which began his trial.