Off California, USA 30 people missing due to boat fire Multiple dead or September 3 3:11

A boat moored off the coast of California, Western California, had a fire on the 2nd, and the whereabouts of over 30 people on board were lost. American media tells us that there are multiple deaths, according to officials.

Off the coast of Santa Cruz Island in western California, USA, 3:00 am on the 2nd local time (7am on the 2nd, Japan time), a fire broke out from the anchored boat.

In the image posted by the fire department on Twitter, you can see the violent flames coming out of the boat floating on the sea in the dark.

The boat then sunk, and according to the American Coast Guard, although 5 people have been rescued so far, 34 people have lost their whereabouts, and rescue operations by helicopters and others continue.

On the other hand, local media reports that there are multiple deaths in the story of officials.

Also, according to the Japanese consulate general in Los Angeles, there is no information that Japanese people have been involved so far.

In the United States, the 2nd is the Labor Day of the Labor Day, and many people go out for leisure on consecutive holidays, and the local media reported that the fired boat was for diving. He reported that he planned to leave Santa Barbara in the state and return to the evening of the 2nd.