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Victims of the Yemeni forces in the fronts of Saada and Hajja


Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab Coalition to support legitimacy, continued their advance on the Saada and Hajjah fronts, achieving major victories over the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, which continued to breach the Sahel fronts. In the meantime, Yemeni military sources revealed information about the elements

Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab Coalition to support legitimacy, continued their advance on the Saada and Hajjah fronts, achieving major victories over the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, which continued to breach the Sahel fronts. In the meantime, Yemeni military sources revealed information about the elements brought from Marib and Al-Bayda towards the liberated areas in southern Yemen and their links to the elements of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

In detail, the Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab Coalition continued their advance on the fronts of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen, and continued for the fourth day in a row and continued to advance towards the city of Haradh, where it began stationed in its eastern surroundings, while continuing to engage in violent clashes of various types of weapons with militia members holed up inside the city.

Field sources confirmed that the Yemeni forces continued to clear the villages of al-Malqa, al-Atnah, al-Mawasima and Bani Owaid and bypassed Wadi al-Malawah located west of the city of Haradh. The ranks of militia elements, 20 of whom were captured in the ongoing clashes.

For his part, the media center of the fifth military area, that the units of the Yemeni army is working to secure the villages and farms surrounding the newly liberated city of Haradh, in addition to combing and clearing the minefields left by Iranian Houthi militias.

He pointed out that coalition fighters support troops on the ground by air strikes targeted reinforcements of militias in the city of Haradh, which was provided to the city in the past two days, and led to the destruction and paralyze their movement completely.

The raids also destroyed a militia operations room in Al-Badah area around Haradh, which left Houthis dead and wounded, and a Houthi field commander was killed in those raids.

In Sa'ada, fighting continued in the Kutaf Front north of the province between the Yemeni army forces and Houthi militias, leaving dozens of dead and wounded, according to field sources, stressing that the fighting is still raging in different areas of Wadi Al Jbara in the border of the center of Kattaf Directorate.

According to sources, Coalition fighter jets and Apache fighters carried out more than 30 raids on militia positions in the vicinity of Kattaf district, killing and wounding dozens of Houthi elements, including senior commanders in al-Samad brigades and 156 infantry during the past two days.

In al-Hudaydah, Iranian Houthi militias continued to bomb and target Yemeni Joint Forces positions and residential neighborhoods in different areas of Hodeidah governorate, while Yemeni joint forces managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by Houthi militias on their positions east of Hays Directorate, south of Hodeida.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, the militia elements attempted to infiltrate the Yemeni joint forces based on the outskirts of Hays, but failed as a result of the forces stationed in those areas which thwarted the operation and inflicted heavy losses on the militias.

Houthi militias continued yesterday, bombing and targeting the positions of the joint Yemeni forces north of the mountainous district of Tahita with various types of weapons and artillery shells, including 120-caliber mortar artillery and targeting Dushka, Pika and 12.7. In al-Dhale'e, the Yemeni joint forces, backed by the southern resistance and the security belt, managed to repel a large march of militia elements towards the Hajar front north of al-Dhale'e, west of the Beja region, and forced them to retreat and flee after suffering heavy losses.

According to the sources, the biggest attack by the militias was recently mobilized by hundreds of armed elements and military vehicles, and came under heavy fire from al-Ribe and al-Sharifa areas, but the Yemeni joint forces managed to break it.

On the other hand, a security official affiliated to the Houthi militias was injured and all his companions were killed in an ambush by a cowardly resistance in the northeast of Al-Dhali governorate, where a tight ambush was targeted against a security supervisor of the Houthi militia, Abu Haidar, wounding him and killing his companions.

In Dhamar, Coalition fighter jets targeted military positions of Iranian militias in which they were massing towards Daleh and the West Coast, while the spokesman of the Arab Alliance, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, confirmed that a legitimate military target was targeted in Dhamar province, denying the Houthi militia account of a prison for prisoners in the targeted area. .

Al-Arabiya news channel quoted Colonel Turki al-Maliki, that «legitimate forces targeted at dawn yesterday, one of the military sites in Dhamar to neutralize and destroy the Houthi forces, and the military objective is a legitimate goal, and we have proof of the use of militias for this site, and was followed by the intelligence system for a long time».

Maliki continued: «Houthi misleading media announced that the coalition bombed a prison, and the target of the coalition bombed 10 kilometers from the city», adding «Houthis have changed the novel, and if there is a prison, or enforced disappearance, they should announce it».

He also stressed that «the target that was bombed is not on the list of non-targeting in Yemen adopted by the United Nations, and we have taken all measures to protect civilians, and the target will be announced later».

On the other hand, Yemeni military sources revealed information, which it said confirmed, that the insurgents targeted by the coalition fighter jets last weekend at the eastern entrance of the city of Aden were themselves members of al-Qaeda and ISIS who fled the liberated areas in southern Yemen. It was cleared by the security belt forces and Shabwani and Hadrami elites between 2017 and 2018.

The sources told «UAE Today», that elements of «Al Qaeda» and «Daesh», who fled the provinces of Lahj, Abyan, Shabwa and Hadramout after liberation by the security belt forces and Shabwani and Hadrami elites with the support of the Arab coalition forces at the time, fled to the areas of Marib and Al-Bayda They are targeted by American drones. The sources pointed out that among these elements experts in the manufacture and dismantling of explosives, as well as experts in the use of various weapons have received training by the elements of «Al Qaeda» in several countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, and was attracted to the national army forces of the Yemeni legitimacy by Legitimate parties, as experienced in the use of weapons.

The sources pointed out that those elements after joining the National Army and stationed in Marib and Albaida began planning to return to areas that were defeated in Abyan and Shabwa, and recently fought confrontations with the security belt forces and the Shabwani elite to avenge them, and exploited the legitimacy of Yemen to return to the confrontations of the forces that have taught them a harsh lesson during the wars Fighting terrorism in southern Yemen after being liberated from elements of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup. The sources said that these elements exploited the legitimacy to return to the liberated south on the pretext that it is a national army, but they were monitored by the forces of legitimacy and the Arab coalition, and were dealt with by the coalition fighters when they arrived at the border of Aden last weekend, as part of the coalition's commitment to support the international community to combat Terrorism wherever it exists.

- Turki al-Maliki: The site bombed by the coalition in the Dhamar «military target», not a prison, as claimed by militias Houthi.

Source: emara

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