There has been much criticism of Kungälv municipality's decision to stop teachers and municipal employees from buying the school lunch. From October, only the educational lunches will be retained, which has been criticized by, among other things, the Teachers' Union.

In Uddevalla municipality where the high school has 3000 pupils, there are no plans to stop giving the 400 in the staff the opportunity for school lunch.

Kungälv's references that it would contravene competition law, or be a legal requirement against overproduction of food, is nothing that Ulrika Eriksson, unit manager for the school food at Uddevalla Gymnasieskola, encountered previously.

- When it comes to overproduction, it is not the staff but the students that are the problem. For example, they can imagine eating in the city instead of in the school and then it is difficult to calculate the consumption, she says.

Creates order and security

The municipality, on the other hand, has had the question of whether the staff could buy leftover food from previous days, in order to reduce waste. But at that point, it turned out to be a no, for tax-technical reasons.

But Ulrika Eriksson does not rule out that decisions in Kungälv may be lifted within Uddevalla municipality. Personally, she sees great benefits in giving staff the opportunity to dine with students.

- It's good when it's adults in the dining room, it creates more order and security, she says.

In addition to the security aspect, Ulrika Eriksson also sees that staff can have another important impact.

- It is good that the students see that the teachers eat from the food. It is always debated, she says.

Below you can hear a clip about the criticism of Kungälv's decision:


Stop for school food for teachers in Kungälv