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Bremen citizenship: AFD faction in Bremen is facing the break


A few months after the election, three of the five AFD members want to leave the group. They are unable to agree on common texts.

The AfD parliamentary group in Bremen is about to be shattered three months after the election to the city council. Three of the five members want to announce their departure from the group on Monday morning, MEPs said Sunday night. Group Vice Frank Magnitz justified the decision with organizational problems.

For example, the AfD group does not have its own office space, no employees, and it is unable to agree on common texts. "The decision has matured over a longer period," said Magnitz. The Bremen Parliament needs five members to form a parliamentary group.

Report: Group leaders quarreled, allegations against Magnitz

According to information from the Weser Kurier , Magnitz and the group leader Thomas Jürgewitz have been at odds. Accordingly, Magnitz feared that Jürgewitz wanted to make his mandate in the Bundestag disputed. In addition, the now defunct treasurer Guido Thieme accuses Magnitz of having embezzled party funds in five-figure height - which rejects Magnitz. Originally, the national party convention of the AfD was to take place on 15 September.

In addition to Magnitz, Uwe Felgenträger and Mark Runge also want to leave the group. Runge had first informed in a brief statement about a press conference on Monday, at which the three politicians want to explain their decision. According to Magnitz, however, they want to keep their citizenship mandates and continue to belong to the state parliament in the smallest state as a group. In the state election on May 26, the AfD had reached 6.1 percent.

The AFD federal executive last asked Magnitz to decide between his parliamentary mandate and his mandate as a deputy citizen until 1 September. After a board decision, he should resign one of the two mandates.

In Bremen governs the first red-red-green alliance in West Germany.

Source: zeit

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